Friday, October 30, 2009

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Well another week of pulling up my new bootstraps and re-inventing myself has been interesting. We have been crafting our first workshop offering for Nov. 15th in Tucson and it is proving to be a fun challenge. I promised last week to tell a bit about what I've been up I shall.

Since this time last year Missy and I have been on the road steady, exploring and integrating, reaching and learning, finding the ways that we can best give our gifts and continue to support ourselves while doing it. This has been quite revealing... I must say it has been an incredible year and we both have grown in many ways, most of which would have not moved to much if we hadn't taken the risk. I have learned that abundance is truly a state of mind and that it is the natural state of the universe... we can choose to be present in the moment in exactly what we have AS what we need, or we can choose to think about future haves and have nots. Either way my experience is that we have what we need when we need it, period. And that being said there has also been moments where we have been on that threshold as I mentioned before. The new choice we are making is to dig a little deeper, take a much bigger risk and step out in ways that ourselves of last year could not even imagine!

I have decided to expand my career from just music and poetry to speaking, coaching, music and poetry... in a nutshell anyway! In more detail I have been needing a container for my music and my message and what has always turned me on the most is connecting with people and inspiring shifts in perception and action. Bottom line is that I need to find the audience for what I do in order to continue doing it! A challenge? Yes! An insurmountable one? No way! What I'm realizing is that I will just have to do things a little differently to get a different result... Step one, get some help from those who know how to do what I want to do. This used to scare me and I'd think I would lose creative control or I might be judged as stupid or whatever. Just like long division and I didn't want to repeat that mistake! So now I stepped out of my comfort zone and have been crafting with Missy and Faye a new outlet for these gifts. We are starting to build some momentum and have some basics set-up... so much detail to accomplish though. Our company is The Resourceful Human, and it is all about supporting the emergence of the authentic human being! A perfect channel for all of our gifts to come together in the ways of our choosing to support those who really need what we have to offer.

One of the challenges I've come up against over the years is just not fitting in, to the structures available for success. An example being the music business and its limited channels for making a living and reaching your audience. After making a few different forays into various scenes, styles and venues, I always felt like i was coming up empty. Not to say I wasn't enjoying it or that I didn't get a chance to reach people, I did. The missing element was a rhythm, a flow and sustainable success. I always felt like I was starting from scratch. That get's pretty draining after 10yrs. The realization dawned on me that no one was going to show up at my door and offer me a record deal or love me so much that they would sponsor me. It just didn't happen. So I'm left with the choice to empower myself, take what I've learned and apply it to what does work or retreat into a life of mediocrity... fortunately for me, mediocrity is just not acceptable:<)

It is time to stand up and count yourself
take a dive off the normal and boring old couch
you are needed with your heart on your sleeve
alive and insatiable, but for giving not greed

We are the brilliance of future right nows
illumined in the beauty of our unknown somehows
Dreaming is for giants and you were never small
Just waiting for your reason, and that is all.

Blessings on your road home!
Chief ME

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