Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the Beginning

So here it is! The beginning of a journey into unknown territory. A glimpse into the possible, aiming for the leading edge of perspective and shifting from potential into the absolute now of life as we dare to live it!

It is with much trepidation that I leap into the written word, asking some new questions about the nature and foundation of this activity. Because what this blog is all about is reality; creating the reality that is a true reflection of all that we are and are capable of. Oh yeah, I'm sure a blog is going to do that. No, certainly not, but there is something deeper at work here and I find it my mission to lead a foray into the heart of life in the new paradigm. This is not about "new age rhetoric" as a new friend recently challenged, it is about you and I and us, it is about opening our f@#king eyes and gaining the perspective we need to support our first steps into a new chapter in history... Perhaps herstory, or at times I realize that the story is the prison and to be on the leading edge of each new page is to be writing it as we go. Crafting the expression and essence of life through authentic action and joyful choices.

Maybe now you are saying oh shit, here we go another love is all we need sermon! Actually far from it. I awoke this morning with a dream so present in my mind. I've been having these amazing dreams lately, so real and clearly related to what I'm working on. I was practicing a speech I'm working on about the kazoo of quantum physics and I was giving it to a new friend whom I respect a lot. the words came to my mouth with striking clarity... Love is not enough on its own, it is not the objective, it is a state of stillness, the calm before the storm. By moving from the stillness of love into energy and action we transform the bliss of love into excitement for the soul. Excitement of the expression of essence, flowing like the joy of an innocent child. And when we connect to this river of potential, it is the ride of a lifetime dared to be dreamt.

This passion is about having the balls to listen to yourself in the face of so much pressure to choose all but the right thing. There is only one way to achieve total and complete success in your life, and that is to start living it Now. Success is a process of self-discovery always present, waiting for our acceptance. How many times have you had a "terrible" experience in life only later to accept it as a blessing? I know it has happened to me too many times to count. So I began to close the gap between denial and acceptance. When you are present with your life and excited to discover what the next challenge will be, what incredible joys maybe through that next door, you step into what I call the resonance of success. The flow, yes the flow!

I am having fun with this conversation with myself and would love to engage this process with you. The courageous explorer of the heart. Into the regions where normal doesn't exist, beyond the boundaries of reality as we know it into reality as we want it! So as I continue this journey, join me in co-creating, moving from dreamers into authentic humans!

So before we connect again here are two things to play with!
1: Excitement is the kazoo of quantum physics - everyone can play it - How do you create the reality you want? Follow your excitement and be success!
2: By choosing what excites you and what you want to do vs. what you think you have to do, you create more excitement, which soon turns into a life that is empowering, joyful and exciting!

Your feedback and questions are always welcome.
Blessings and thank you.
Chief ME

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  1. Wonderful, Andre.

    Choosing the life we wish to lead is what it's all about, both individually and collectively. For so long now we've been mindlessly moving "forward," applying technology to make more and better stuff to make our lives easier, but without any clear sense of direction as to what those lives are really supposed to accomplish. Hanging on to what we have then, has become the default position of most of us. To wake up to the realization that life isn't just about avoiding pain and discomfort, but about finding the excitement and joy that awaits us at the edge of our comfort zone changes the game!

    I stopped doing what was expected of me some time ago, and have been living a life of creative excitement ever since. Advances in civization and human understanding have never come from the conformist and accepting center; they emerge from the radical fringe elements who have dared to dream a new dream. Let's hear it for the radical thinkers, imagineers and dreamers!

    Lots of love,