Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi and welcome to another moment, full of surprises and challenges.

I spent an hour or so yesterday writing a bunch more extending the concepts and ideas i was talking about in the first installment. I sat with it a while and decided to wait on posting it. I've been feeling the need to set up a container for this, even though I'm not sure of all that it will need to hold. You follow me?

Well I will assume that silence means yes. hehe. Ok I first need to say for my own sanity that I've certainly lost my mind. I'm not interested in putting the old back together and my intentions with this blog thing are as follows. First to push myself into unknown territory and find out what I'm made of and how I can apply that to the co-creation of the world which I would like to live in. Second I am excited to connect with a broader soul family, of which when brought together in combined energies can accomplish just about anything! Third I intend to push buttons, boundaries, and stretch the bubble of reality as we tend to know it... and maybe even pop it for some. I trust that if this mission inspires you that you will get involved by commenting and engaging at the bottom of the page. We are all in this together and let's take some risks with ourselves, not just our money. Transparency is a powerful ally I believe. It provides the opportunity for authenticity and vulnerability to rise to the surface. These two qualities are I believe of epic importance to the evolution and even survival of our species.
So much love to you for joining in, tagging along, or passionately expressing. This is about a transform consciousness, and starting from the perspective that there is ultimately only One.(even if that sounds ridiculous to your mind... it should, the mind often can't handle the truth)

Okay now that we have that out of the way. I am going to get into something that may be useful to you. I don't claim to be an expert or even that I created any of this info. I really am just a messenger, and my experience in life has been a great teacher. The funny thing is I often have no idea what I'm about to write. This is exciting for me... moving past the obvious thoughts popping up at the front of the mind and sinking into a place where the creative flow, or what I like to call divine creativity can take over. My wife, Missy and I as well as my Mom Faye, have been waking up and spending some time each morning practicing what we are now calling attunements. We learned this term at Barbara Marx Hubbard's workshop a few weeks ago. basically we spend a few minutes to an hour connecting with the more expansive parts of ourselves and each other in some form of meditation of movement etc. What I have been finding is that it sets up a foundation for the day that is in congruence with our goals and objectives. I tend to get the things I need to get done in a sweet flow and in perfect timing. I just thought I'd share that as it has been very effective for all of us.

This idea of foundation is so important to me, and will be a recurring theme throughout my philosophical ramblings. In the couple pages I wrote yesterday(that you will get tomorrow) I discuss a concept I've been working on about the foundation for an experience of success. I must say I'm a bit obsessed about success lately and a lot of this comes from previous perspectives I've held of feeling unsuccessful. I just now realized that a big drive behind my blogging is to share insights into how to perceive the path less chosen as a successful one. Because in my case it meant doing the opposite of most everyone else, at times many times dealing with having no money, feeling alienated from friends and family. Sheesh sounds like success doesn't it! Well that is just it, it didn't... but now as I feel engaged in all my most deepest desires I look back and realize that it was a tremendous success to stick through that murky and dark tunnel. It was the Foundation for the ability to now choose an exciting life at 32. I've spent many years involved in various retreats, seminars, workshops and such and most attendees are 45-60, which is understandable in many ways, but, I would like to shift that paradigm... Let us start working for our whole selves now, whether you are 70 or 20. Time as we have known it is running out.

What I can share is not directly about making money, although ask me again in a year or two, it is about uncovering the simplicity of who you are, why you are here and how to to be it in the world. Oops, did I really just commit to that? Fear is such an interesting thing isn't it? Well I will humbly offer whatever I can, and I am excited to hear your additions. Together let us enter this new paradigm of supporting and taking care of each other, making all dreams come true and remembering what is is to be human and beyond.

Blessings and love,
Please stay tuned for my next installment "Start where you are"
Chief ME


  1. Ah,what IS success? Is it creating a persona the whole world can see and admire? Or is it something deeper and more profound than what can be seen and admired by others?

    Happiness, as I have come to experience it, begins where my need for external approval ends. Success, for me, comes from defining my own truths about how I want to show up in the world, and becoming that. It's a never-ending process, not an achievement, although at times I do so savor the little accomplishments. External validation may or may not come, but in any case the validation of others is not what determines my satisfaction with my own outcomes.

    If, when I die, I can look back on my life and feel satisfied with the loving experiences I created for myself and for others, what happens next doesn't much matter. I simply trust the universe - which has gifted me this amazing life - will know exactly what to do with my body, my consciousness and my spirit as it enfolds me once again in its loving embrace.

  2. Beautifully said Eileen. You and your path is an inspiration to me. I very much agree with this definition of success, and that is the main exploration here. It is about cutting away the chaff and discovering all that lies dormant, ready to flower in the light of this beautiful spring sun.