Friday, November 6, 2009


In times of fear there there is only one ear,
tuned to the channel that can be handled
in the midst of mirrors.
If I were a scorpion I would sting
If love were a fortune I would sing
A way forward from the weeds
And along the path where planted seeds
Grow from time, into the fine line of right now.

This episode is about transparency. Humans are evolving rapidly into a new way of being on the planet and with each other. One of the most obvious examples of this transformation is right here, on the intranets (internet). I was resistant as first to the onslaught of social media and it's incredible expansion over the past few years. I have been on Myspace for almost 5 years and found that to turn into a strange spam-fest where musician after musician tries endlessly to send out impersonal friend requests with the best result being an actual online friendship and the majority being an inauthentic time waste dump. I had some amazing things happen though through there and did some vocal tracks for another guy without ever meeting him. Just digital connection. I think he still has one of the songs posted (Solardaze). And beyond the couple exceptions I just witnessed thousands of desperate musicians trying to reach out and be noticed... the problem being that we were all doing it to each other! Not the most effective strategy, unless your intention is to collect a large number of friends. I hit 1000 the other day and I actually know about 30 of them.

My intention is not to rag on Myspace, they started something important, I just believe that the structure doesn't support what the evolution of social media now calls for----Transparency!
Transparency is honesty, courage, authenticity and integrity all rolled into one. The expansion of Facebook and Twitter are two huge examples of this. People want to be real with themselves and each other... We are starved for authentic interactions and the digital buffer allows some safety for being with each other in this way. I find it astounding, refreshing and so exciting. Never before have we had the opportunity to put ourselves on the line like this. Just think, whenever you post something, say on Facebook, there is the thought that "oh, everybody I am connected to can read this." It changes the game and creates a new level of responsibility. There is a new tone that begins to emerge and small talk becomes nearly irrelevant. I never liked BSing about anyway. Always made me more uncomfortable than comfortable.

The real beauty lies in the ability to connect with those who resonate with you. Have you noticed that only some of your friends really engage with your most edgy posts? I take that as a positive indication that I am following my own heart. The new idea of community defies location and is creating a network of like minds, like a grid across the globe. I had this insight once where I was looking at the earth from space and it was dark, and all the lights that we associate with cities and such became humans lighting up, one by one. And as the lights came on the whole world began to glow, not from human ingenuity but from the awakening of human brilliance.

Our past has been an exploration of separateness and the individual. We are heading for, and some would say we are in a time where this is not sustainable. It has been a thrilling ride, and it is naturally coming to a close. A new way of being is emerging and the exciting part is we don't know what it will look like! We are here to create it, to unfold from our hearts the essence of ourselves. A mission unique to all and yet one and the same. We are entering a new paradigm, from duality to paradox. Where the perfection of what is becomes the perception of what is.

I love you, and am so grateful for my fellow travelers!!
Blessings and Unmessings,

Chief ME


  1. "Our past has been an exploration of separateness and the individual. We are heading for, and some would say we are in a time where this is not sustainable. It has been a thrilling ride, and it is naturally coming to a close."
    Beautiful Andre. Thank you. You can even say that all of modern history has been this quest of the individual or of human kind to be separate from everything else. I'm excited, I'm having a good time reconnecting with everyone and all the amazing brothers and sisters on this planet.
    One time in school I read this article about a teenage girl who logged something like... uhhh... a billion text messages per day or something like that. Anyhow, me and my wife figured it out and it was something like an average of one text message per 15 minutes all day long. The article, and most people reading it immagine that there is some weird addiction with this girl or something is wrong with her. But I thought it was actually beautiful. This person is desperately trying to connect. This person is expressing the lonleyness we feel and is trying to connect in the only way she knows how. She also just so happens to be the Bobby Fischer of the text world. hehe. So anyway, I'm really excited to get on with the connecting. Its been a long time. World here I come!!!
    Love ya Andre, and I'm enjoying reading you. :)
    Hmmm... last thought... maybe on Facebook and Myspace or whatever, its all reaching out and not in balance with listening. Its like we are all sending out our SOS at the same time. I dunno.
    Sending out love to everyone!

  2. ummm.. I actually meant one text message per 15 seconds. My typing fingers couldn't believe it either... Once per 15 minutes is pretty boring.

  3. Wild, thanks brother.
    Love your passion and soft heart!
    I wonder if she has special calouses on her fingers from that?