Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Wowness!!

I missed you... but here I am back after a couple amazing weeks of transformational magic. It started in Tucson with our first Resourceful Human event, held for 25 wonderful people. We had an amazing day pushing ourselves into new territory and building the foundations for our future success. I gave my first speech ever and it went fabulous! I`m not one to toot my own horn, but I feel so great about stepping up into that and really coming through for myself. And by coming through for myself I came through for everyone else. Missy and Faye were also brilliant and we realized that one day was only a tiny taste of what we have to offer. All in all I am really excited about the day and also the great video footage we got from it.

From there we drove for a couple days to S.F. where Missy and I were presenting our talents for the 133rd Transformational Gate... I am really proud of us. Missy was spectacular and had 4 groups of 100-300 people totally rockin out in their bodies. It was so cool to watch and deafening at times : ) Folks really showed up and stepped into some serious fun factor. I played some of my favorites at the end of each class and it was beautiful, blissful and wonderful. One of the new friends we met there, Bright Hawk, played some djembe and hung drum as well. Just a really great time. The magic continued as the entrainments got more intense too... at times we had trouble balancing between being there for that and doing the programs. On the last night they do something called the Angel Wash, which I was to play for. I had written a new song especially for it and was nervous and excited to see how it would work for everyone. Turns out it was the best ever according to many of the long time gaters. Everyone lines up and creates a tunnel and then bathes each other one by one in a sea of love basically. The energy got so intense and I was playing the song for 45min straight, people were singing and clapping and blissing out... it was really cool. Then everyone spontaneously started clapping in this wild syncopated rhythm, they got so into it we couldn't`t stop them! It was just a special moment that I`ll never forget.

So grateful for the opportunity to share in that way and have everyone step up so fully. Just awesome.

We then drove down to LA where we will be for the next couple weeks. I`m playing music for some meditation circles and then off to speakers bootcamp. Excited and rollin... Just wanted to share some of the magic with you. Step in and step up to whatever makes you sing. I love you and thanks so much!

Chief ME
(In Charge of Being Myself!)

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