Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm the Absoulute Best at What I Do....??

Well hello sweet reader! I have been slightly absent from the bloggo-sphear for a couple weeks due to the intense experience of living life as I so dare to live it. Just arrived back home in Canada for a spell and I'm going to share some of the experiences and insights gained while on this last leg of the never ending journey.

Part 1 - Life on the road is a great way to learn what you love. When life gets simplified into be here now, in the moment of giving what you came here to give, it seems not much else means anything... or at least there is a pure bliss in being so engaged in the process of life that everything else is just background. I love this space and it is a main motivation for me to continue to find the ways to learn grow and express myself. I don't know about you, but I want and I'd say these days, need to be engaged in life as an active creator and observer. There is that still point where stress cannot exist and the past and future are just one with the present... as a recent acquaintance shared last week: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that's why they call it the present!"
This momentum of empowered experience gives the true fuel for the engine of gratitude which keeps everything well oiled, feeling good, and moving forward!

Part 2 - There is a real sweetness in knowing that where you are is where you need to be. So often I catch myself dreaming of the things I want in the future and the opportunities that would seem to make everything click. I must say these can be entertaining mental push ups, but more importantly I've been recognizing the fact that there is joy in the process of getting somewhere. It does tend to take a lot of focused attention, effort and resources to succeed at creating or manifesting a dream... however it doesn't usually feel like work, not always but for the most part it's just fun. Another thought which almost feel like random ramblings at this point (bare with me if you can) is that for the first time in my life I have a definable goal to reach for. I'm super excited to create a speaking career. I was so inspired by Jack Canfield, Joe Thiesman, and Jonathan Sprinkles at James Malinchak's bootcamp last weekend... I just felt the future in my body... a very profound and revealing experience of the quantum kazoo! I felt the calmness of a success and reality that I have not yet created but at the same time is right here in this moment. I realized the passion in my soul to share who I am through this medium, and to combine my musical mission in ways that are very unique to me. I felt so clearly that in the new paradigm of authenticity, everyone has a perfect role to play and competition is no longer an issue. We have two choices: 1 Be Yourself. 2 try to be something else. Which one do you imagine being more successful. What a cool insight.

Part 3 - I'm the absolute best at what I do. What!? You probably just said. That sounds rather arrogant... well hang on I'll explain. This holds true for you too, and here's why... after a short tale. I was singing last week for a very intimate group and experienced a complete immersion in my performance, total transcendence into myself as the listener while playing. I had this profound insight that no one else could be here now doing what I am doing, allowing what I am allowing. It was like I was turning inside out and could appreciate my experience from a whole new angle. I just relished in the moment and let the thought sink in... I am the absolute best at what I do, because only I can be me, only I can bring this expression through to the world to my brothers and sisters and beloveds. I felt so blessed and grateful to have remembered why I have been toiling for so long, what it was that meaning for me was all about... To tune in and reflect the resonance of those whom I'm with. To help usher forth the Godliness in you.
I truly love you and what you bring for me to enjoy, so thank you for having the courage to illuminate what hides in your shadows.

Blessings in your Awesomeness!!

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  1. Today I received a beautiful compliment on your music. It caused me to spend the afternoon playing all your music. Your music always touches me deeply. Today I heard it differently. I felt a truly magnificent bond between you and I, intensely emotional. If you can express yourself speaking as you do singing you are on your way. You must be reaching others as you have me with you beautiful mind, fantastic musical skills and poetry that reaches the soul.