Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 11:11:11 Winds of Change

To say a lot has transpired these past 10 or so years, months, weeks, days and now hours, would be a huge understatement; but I would like to invite a glimpse in from this angle, as I am called to share some of the most recent magic of our epic adventure, specifically the tale of our 11:11:11 ceremony.

It was with great joy that we gathered with our closest beloveds for the days and nights surrounding this auspicious date, just as we have been doing for the past few months during the various big dates on the calendar. Our intent being to combine our energy fields and vision with that of the broader collective and to open ourselves to the immensity of the dimensional aspects of our unseen selves… well as much as we can handle in each evolving moment in the “now” anyway! Of course there is another reason to gather and likely the most paramount, to be with each other in unconditional awareness and love, dancing and playing in the creative abundance that is ever more enticing us outward in its expression. I have so much joy and gratitude for the “tribe” that actively surrounds us, participating in this new and yet very old way of being together. If the success of my life can be measured, I trust that this one aspect has added an infinite depth to the wisdom and wealth of the collective unfolding, and through this I will always feel complete.

It is no surprise that the events of 11:11:11 brought collective amazement and third dimensional magic to our reality. We seek to see that which is behind the veil and to live within its expanded dimensionality, bridging where we are with where we are all going. I had been feeling like my mission had come to a natural completion of late and that this time of 11:11:11 demarcated a new role or cosmic shift in purpose for me. I do not have a full grasp on it yet, but it appears to be stampeding towards my heart like a thousand buffalo of light just crossing the horizon.

I am going to begin the story one evening prior on Nov. 10th as we had arranged with one of our dear brothers Running Buffalo, to have a full moon ceremony at one of our power-spots here on Gabriola Island. We arrived at Indian point at around 4:45pm just as dusk was setting in. Our plan was to catch the transition time and tune into the ancient sacred energies that some of us have been working with there for some time, perhaps amplify the new frequencies and share gratitude for the earth and all the subtle realms. The ceremonial experience for us as a group has taken on a beautifully intuitive orchestration over these past couple years and nothing needs to be said other than what is a direct part of the experience. We exchanged hugs as we arrived, placed our crystals and sacred items in a formation facing east with a container of water from a special lake in Montana, lake Titicaca in Peru and I believe, other sweet water from past ceremonies. Part of the intention is to allow the speed of information transfer to take place as the water intelligence infuses within itself and transfers the geometric and energetic patternings that it stores. We proceeded to be in joy, playing a Tibetan bowl and some chimes, and then smudging each other, singing and smiling. It seemed the exact moment we had all fully arrived the full moon showed herself, directly across from us, cradled in the trees. I must admit that I appreciate perfect timing and this was the beginning of a sequence of powerful signs of communication that we are up to something meaningful, and to keep doing it, even if we have little rationale why.

As we continued to injoy our time together on the beach we moved into circle and shared some prayer and gratitude and received a sweet laugh from to birds flying directly overhead, reminding us that laughter is the best medicine. Upon completing the circle we added the sacred waters into the current of the narrows and felt it joining again into unity just as we are doing, bringing with it the contentment of moving beyond metaphor.

As we awoke on the morning of 11:11:11, not sure if we were getting ready for a full ascension into the 5th dimension or a deeper embodiment of such awareness here in 3D, it was obvious that electricity was in the air and we were infused with a pre-Christmas excitement. The night before we all decided to wear white, partly in jest of previous cult attempts to beam out of here, but mostly to feel clean and clear for what was ahead. There was some talk of having the kool-aid out on the table as our last friends arrived, but the initial laugh was unto itself joy enough.

The stage had been set for months as we have been gathering here on this sacred land that has been a container for many such gatherings over the years. It was clear that a divine orchestration brought us here and we take this responsibility to heart. A part of this pre-preparation was the crystal grid that Sah’Rah had created months before and had been integral in some deep process and vision prior to our Nov. 11th meeting. This point showed itself to me as a focal point for a spiraling energy vortex that extends down the cliffs in a Fibonacci spiral down to the beach at Sandwell park. My experience of this was quite vivid and profound and yet is perhaps best left to this level of simplicity for the sake of the current story.

Sah’Rah had adjusted the stones and crystals to create a portal or doorway by following her intuitive guidance. We always appreciate the grace and silence in which her tasks are completed perfectly. There is no need to question the details as spirit speaks for herself on this occasion. As she moved out of the completed grid structure she asked for our F# flute invocation, of which we had thought would resonate with the heart frequency meditations occurring at that time around the globe. We happen to have 3 F# native flutes and one of them is a double barrel. As we lifted the flutes the time shifted to 11:11am and the eagles began an intense singing above us to the left, and as we began to play our song, they resounded in joy and a great swirling in the skies began out of nowhere. The clouds were materializing and dematerializing right above us in this upward moving vortex of energy, we gasped and kept playing, as the eagles were joined by hawks and osprey, dancing in the intense circling winds. Leaves and maple propellers began raining on us from above as if coming out of thin air, due to the fact that we are above all the maples in the area. This spiral continued for a few magical minutes and felt like the sign we were all asking for. None of us had ever seen clouds move in the way they had in those moments, and it truly goes beyond what I can express here in words.

As we continued playing and singing each of us released the old to the earth and stepped through the portal before us, realizing that the metaphoric act may in fact be much more significant. It was a sweet release and embrace as we joined again on the other side, in love and joy for the potency of our experience. And then… out of nowhere a huge white jet plane with no markings flew extremely low overhead, right overhead! And having never seen such a plane ever fly over ourplace, made this strange indeed, the timing made it even more odd and the look of the plane was unanimously seen as almost holographic in nature… our minds had fun creating scenarios to explain this, including a cloaked ufo. Still not sure what that was about but it was definitely right on time!

Our morning continued normally with breakfast and conversation as well as a lot of reflection on our experience. We took our joy back to the point and some beautiful sunrays were heating up the air. We positioned ourselves in them and shared more gratitude, watching the continuously amazing cloud formations out to the east, seemingly morphing into face after face and displaying the most astoundingly real cloud creatures I have ever witnessed. We started to reflect on all the affirmations we were receiving and then a gust lifted a spiral of maple leaves and pods in front of us eliciting a sweet gasp from the crowd! Suddenly a huge roar began off to the north that sounded like a tsunami was coming, it was spine tingling and I believe the time now happened to be right around 1:11pm. After about a 30second roar, the trees in the valley ripped sideways and you could hear cracking limbs everywhere. We took a step back and braced ourselves slightly for the end of the world (hehe) and felt this wall of wind rip across the land. The trees were bending way over and branches were flying all over the place, as we decided to retreat closer to the house in case anything came down. As we were standing beside the house a huge gust came up and right as all seven of us were looking at the same tree, the majestic landmark eagle perch towering 50 feet above the canopy just lifted off at the top and floated away! We staggered and gasped in pain as such a beauty and symbolic tree was damaged. It took a minute or two to realize that it was really happening and I knew then that the significance of this was profound on many levels. The removal of the old as these new energies emerge is a must, and this was a clear communication to all of us that we had crossed a threshold into the unconditional, truth, love and awareness of the 5th dimension.

I haven’t been sure what to expect as all these dates and hype have talked about so many things. But now I feel that we have chosen a smooth ride of unfolding these new aspects of ourselves in a way as to create the most divine integration, joy and wisdom, while disempowering the energy of fear which has been the prevailing wind on this planet for at least the past 12 000 years. If 11:11:11 has showed me anything it is that the winds of change have arrived, and the view from here will never, ever be the same.

Much love,

André Nobels

Chief Medicine Eagle

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