Monday, May 16, 2011

Free~lease "Bring the Joy Back"

Hi beauties,

Been a while since the inspiration has hit for some blogging. So much water under the bridge in the past year and a lot of shifting and refining of purpose and mission here in 3D. I'd like to share where I have come to and what lies ahead on the new paradigm frontier, for myself and all those I affect through my creative and intuitive action.

Firstly the past six months have been filled with great challenges depth and learning for me and I have come to a new place of congruence in sharing all of this with my tribe and global community. In November my mother Faye had a severe brain anurysm that left her with a couple of strokes after a 10hr surgery to repair it. At the time I was sharing my gifts of music in some sacred medicine circles and begun a deep journey into my role in it. As we came out of sacred space we headed straight to the hospital in Tucson where we spent the next two months tending to Faye's gradual awakening into her new self, half paralyzed and unable to speak. Everyday we commuted to be with her and opened a deep space in our hearts to allow room for what we were being called to step into. Through the next months I began to observe a new energy feedback loop in my life as it related to being in a true vibration of loving service, without expectation or personal agenda. We literally dropped everything and chose to allow the higher purpose of the divine love to guide us through. What we got to experience was the magic of being held and supported in the same ways we were giving of our selves and energy. A miracle of perspective was emerging.

Since these first realizations I have been on a mission to bring this teaching deep into all aspects of my life, feeling the need for congruence and integrity of action. This is rising from deep within me as my role here in these times; to step out of the box and live in a new paradigm. I have been straddling the line for some time and 2011 has brought a new level of responsibility into each action, making it impossible for me to live in both worlds. Now I have come to the certainty of holding the course and trusting that all is in perfect order and we are always held and taken care of. Living from the heart and taking full responsibility in each moment makes sure I act when I need to and from the right place.

Upon returning home I saw a clear vision for my musical direction. I would create an album from a place of joy and service to my brothers and sisters. I had only one focus and that was to remain authentic, joyful and in a place of service to the whole... This album is now complete and is fittingly named "Bring the Joy Back". It is a collection of heart songs and unity vibrations in support of you and your unique mission unfolding!

And now that this has manifested I asked myself how will I share this from the same place, the same frequency, with integrity and new paradigm clarity... the answer was simple, a free~lease, opening the floodgates to spread this gift as far and wide as possible, with no restrictions and all the help of those that connect to it and love it. I will be posting some videos and links for free downloads of the whole album, and I ask that if you are touched by it that you consider passing it on through your networks and to those that you feel would also be touched by it. I can no longer be so arrogant as to restrict the flow of this creative expression... it wanted to come through for you and so you will have it without expectation, just as a pure gift from my heart. If you so desire to make a donation or support us in anyway we are always open to the flow of receiving all that we need and say thank you in advance for being true to yourself. The album will be available on May 22nd at and I am so excited that you will have it in your ears, homes and hearts.

I have always just wanted my songs to be out there and available, so I'm creating my own way of doing just that. Forming a new paradigm structure that suits my truth and my aspirations for our unfolding journey together. I sincerely hope you accept this gift and receive it fully. I love you deeply and support all that you have had to face to make it to today~ You are not alone.

Blessings and quantum gratitude always,
Chief Medicine Eagle, your brother

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