Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tryin to find the end of it

Back to blog land after a sweet weekend of music and dance magic. Things have been unfolding so beautifully in our time in Canada this winter/spring. It seems the more I am grateful, the more I stay present with what is, the more amazing magic appears as my reality.
The most amazing soul family has been connecting here on the island and also over the intranets~ Facebook has become a sweet connector for all of us looking to connect community beyond geography... perhaps planting seeds for the new quantum reality around the corner. In fact this paradigm shift is making itself quite apparent as we find each other in this vast ocean. Somehow bumping into each other despite the melting thought of impossibility.

Recently I connected with Lance Smith, who has helped me to redefine not only my new website! which I love, but has been launching my live music to new heights with his fantastic ears and touch on the drums. Something very exciting is brewing for us and Friday was the launching pad! Our show at the lifehouse was a new high of musical connection and purpose. There is a new energy of synthesis in the air and I suggest you take advantage of it!! Find each other and watch the authentic genius take over. Combine your hearts to cast the spells that you dare dream. To know that we have each other is one of the keys to transforming our isolation into amazingly exciting life greatness.

I am uber grateful to have a place in this world, to express my hearts desire, to share the music that burns out from my soul. Thank you so much for tuning in and turning on, for lighting your own fire and for being here right now!

Also I'd like to share a special song from the new album --- CLICK the player on the right --- "Trying to find the end of it" was created in the moment the year turned, as we sang together through the New Year during an amazing blue moon journey, bringing in the launch energy for 2010. It started around 11:50 and ended at 12:05~ truly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The synchronicity and power of that moment planted the seed for this years magnificence! I went home and recorded it on New Years day followed by a flood of the last half of the album over the next couple weeks. So if you are not enjoying already~ what are you waiting for? click play and kick back.

With deep love,
Chief ME~
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