Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the Main Event ~ Release

Oh my, so much excitement is coursing through my veins right now, so much gratitude, so much wonder at the emerging world which I am proud to be a part of creating... First of all thanks so much to Lance for your amazing work on my new website--- --- so sweet and a long time coming. Please check it out and let me know what you want to see on there; you are the ones who are going to be visiting it and I'm here to serve you with my words and sounds.
Oh how I love you all so very much, so many gifts and opportunities you have given me. Thank you.

Now onto the Big News ~ "Welcome to the Main Event" is on the presses and will be arriving shortly on my doorstep... well my bro's doorstep as I don't have the need for one at the moment...hehe. I am so thrilled to get this new flavour of my music out there to you. It represents the journey of our travels and the deep insights, friendships and flows through the great oneness over the past year. I have included some more meditative tracks, some meandering melodies and trance like vistas. The songs are a years worth of transformation, healing and magic translated into song for your hearts and minds. I'm really just wanting those who resonate with the music to have it in your homes, cars, & ears, so that it can uplift and inspire your lives.

There is always the question of what to ask for/charge when selling creative things like art, cds etc... What I've come to understand is a sweet balance between giving and receiving, and if there is an imbalance within that relationship then it feels off. I trust that this is due to the fact that there really is only one of us, loving, nurturing, giving and receiving to ourself(ves). Over the past year I have found that balance for selling my CD's. When I receive $20, I feel valued and know that who ever is getting the music is valuing it as well. The amount is really irrelevant, compared to the energy behind the interaction. I like to share my process around this for the sake of transparency and authenticity. By knowing me more and connecting to the broader context I feel you will receive the blessings in the music more deeply... at least that is my wish for you. Also another angle is that you can order the cd's online for a bit less as well as just download the songs for about $1 each on itunes, CDbaby or reverbnation. They of course get a percentage and I'm fine with that. I do prefer the personal interactions with you as it is the connection and interpersonal magic that inspires me. + I sign them when I send em~ So...

With all that in mind I have come up with this special deal... mostly for my new fans-->
For the next month I am offering a signed copy of "Welcome to the Main Event" and also copies of both "Across the Water" and "Into Nothing" for just $30. So many of my fans love the experience of the three discs and their distinct flavours. So the boxset is $30 and the new disc is $20 incl. shipping. Let me know what you think... I'd be happy to customize this for any of you including just download possibilities. Yay!

To order please visit it is right there on the front page.

The time is so pregnant and change is happening at quantum speeds all around us. It is my mission to sing the songs that come through me, for you, to aid in this great turning, to bring gratitude and opening to the truth and depth of who we are.

In love and magic,
Chief ME
(in charge of being myself)

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