Sunday, November 20, 2011

Listen, be still, and she will come to you

 If we can allow ourselves to slowdown for a moment and just breathe, right here right now, in this pulsing radiant orb of self-love and personal mastery, just then we begin to open to the mystery of our future.  Bringing heaven unto earth through owning it within, a melting into the subtlety of spirit.  Slowly and quietly now, breathe and allow this possibility… listen, and be still and she will come to you. 

The dynamic ease of the right brain awareness needs space to move in step with the frequencies of the divine, space from the incessant ramblings of the left-brain organizer.  I enjoy the practice of giving the organizer a task in its particular field of expertise.  My favorite trick is to ask it to consciously listen and focus on all the physical sensations and in-joyment that is to be had in the depths of one epic miraculous moment or one perfectly played note.  This is in the pocket, an awareness where the being is moving in mastery while the mind watches. When it suddenly realizes it is not doing the doing, there is likely to be a reciprocal grasping for control by the mind.  This becomes the dance.  Deepening into subtlety and being ripped out again, like dying and being reborn, lifetime after lifetime. 

We are here on this precipice bringing these two disparaging worlds back into unity here in the physicality of the earth plane.  The way I see it is the 3D and 5D realities, physical and spirit, are being pulled back into a harmonic wave where the 3D becomes a nestled aspect of the higher dimensional perspective, like a level up or expansion out to a broader scope of embodiment that is more in line with the soul vibrations.  Hence the ongoing natural harmonizing of the illusory dualistic reality into its complete wholeness, as it integrates back into itself at a higher level.

If you take some time to sink into nature at this level, you can witness an infinite flow and flux of giving and receiving relationships.  The whole system is breathing itself in this swirling majesty of nestling in and wrapping around.  If you look deep enough into it, a perfect balance of this natural flow of love energy emerges.  It is beyond the human perspective of love and into a higher divine energy perhaps more represented by the term selfless service.  All these various aspects of nature are all playing their perfect roles without question, defining the edge for another entity to nestle against, like waves breaking on a beach or the winds relationship with an eagle’s wing.

The separation illusion is what we are awakening from, and the depths of this truth will catapult us into this golden age.  When you can see that the wind and the wing are one, you can begin to understand your own intricately relating perfection and start to embody it.  Consider that it is only the human intellect that removes us from this eternal truth, creating a school of forgetfulness, which allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our totality, to bring back home. 

The epitome of self-love is to accept your place in this dynamic relationship with divinity and all that is, allowing yourself to be carried by the river and nurtured by the sun, and to act in love with those around you as you are one.  You are supported in ways you can’t imagine.  Enjoy what it is like to be held again, in the unconditional love and gentleness of spirit.

Listen, be still, and she will come to you~.

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