Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Into the Fire of Divine Will

As mind and heart begin their conscious spiral into unity, we find ourselves at an extremely precious moment in human history. We have forgotten our heritage, and ancient past, so much so that we stand at the brink of a total transformation of human existence on earth and the most any of us know is tantamount to a having a few pieces of yarn from an ancient sweater. Despite the challenges of thousands years of oppression and persecution we have managed to arrive at something special; the re-membering of who we really are.

This is only possible because we are beginning to feel it. All the knowledge you will ever need is perceivable as a resonance vibrating as one with the galactic harmony that you are in your true nature as all that is. As we learn to receive the information in the frequencies of spirit, the need for the intake of knowledge becomes secondary to the direct infusion of cosmic wisdom through the intuitive receptive body. The access points to this are as infinite as the diversity of souls. Our challenge in these times is to re-adjust our perceptions and to make room for the 5th dimensional transmission of the unity intelligence. As our many enlightened and ascended masters have taught us this can only occur in the timeless miracle of the Now.

Many will instantly relate to having a brief or possibly deep encounter with a creative transcendental state. This experience is a doorway into the truth of the interconnected and infinite wisdom of unity consciousness. I use the term unity consciousness, 5th dimensional awareness and being in the Now as synonyms for this particular context. The possibility of any of the above occurring is only available as our ego or mental self is repositioned as, at the very least a co-pilot. I will assume that those reading this have the awareness of themselves as the observer and not the ego self. This starting point as the neutral observer is paramount in beginning an earnest practice of allowing the artistic movement of spirit through the body.

Into a paradigm of divine guidance, is the evolutionary step that our journey is taking, a new profound humbling of humanities out of control ego and fear. The doorway is round and open, right in your heart of all knowingness. The intrinsic need for balance in the structure of the 3D dualistic world has brought us again to the point our own necessity; a leap out of played out karma and back into the cycle of harmony. This is no accident and what has been written in the stars since the beginning of time, has been encoded by many of our beloved ancestors to guide us at this time. Make no mistake, we have arrived, and all that is required, is to surrender the control you thought you had, to the divine will of your full and true self, stretching through the dimensions of time and space. The golden thread of light you see now connecting these parts of you is expanding and merging the dimensions right now in every cell of your body. All we need to experience the grace and ease that we are, is to recognize and humble ourselves to the true divine order within us, as all that is.

This leap is about forgiveness, it about doing the work of clearing any relational issues or emotional blockages that create our personal prisons of creative containment. I’m not referring to creative parameters in which a structure creates a realm of cohesion for an artistic piece, but rather the filter that removes spirit from the equation. I have always experienced my process of learning to sing as one of removing the filters of energy blockages and fears that felt like actual physical resonant barriers. As I healed the fears of expression, or embarrassment etc, I began to notice an energy flow of a more complete nature. The sounds became more resonant and the melodies more beautiful. Each attempt at a song became a meditation in how to allow the true voice of spirit in that moment to manifest through me as to create a perfectly emotionally harmonic resonance. The fine details are in the inner experience of how the music feels as it passes through the body. In its most transcendental form it feels like a perfect union of grief and praise, delicately opening without any push, pull or judgment. It is easy then to feel when in-authentic interference is present, because the harmonic capabilities of the ego are based in third dimensional time lag awareness and end up disrupting the perfect flowing nowness of the creative unity pulse coming from spirit. So it becomes for me, working with the two extremes and finding a deeper and deeper letting go into the purest allowing. To be moved by spirit beyond limitation and comprehension often reduces me to tears of humble gratitude and awe.

As we proceed into the mystery of what lies ahead, this practice can be applied to all your actions in this transitory 3D to 5D reality we find ourselves in. Approaching our decisions with the same goal of harmonic cohesion with our higher selves we find a base line for living in the heart of truth. Listening to the whispers of resonance in our bodies and to the energetic clues that we have forgotten how to interpret will guide us home. It is as simple as deciding that we are our own leaders, guided by an inner light, connected to all that is in perfect unity and balance. Our egos have no concept of this broader perspective, so our choice is one of trust, in the actuality of your infinite connectedness. The rewards speak for themselves, as every act of unity through harmonious loving kindness and freedom manifests a beat of the heart for our precious new world.

In love and light,


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