Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stucture and Flow

I've been having this reacuring metaphor come up as we prepare for our next Move Freely, Live Deeply event on Sat. Missy has been working a lot with structure and finding how it can aid in flow, where the assumption often says that flow and structure are opposed. For example by planing out life you would perhaps guess that the option of "living in the flow" may be limited... I used to think this was true and have come to believe otherwise.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not much of a planner, and probably never will be, but structure can come in many subtler forms and in this lies a key for combining magic and direction. Imagine a river as it flows towards the ocean. all along its path are banks which keep it contained within a certain course. Imagine for a moment that those banks were permeable and unreliable. The once strong river could be reduced into a scattered flood, or swamp rather quickly. This is often the end result for a river as it reaches its goal spreading out vastly into the arms of the receptive ocean.

In this metaphor I can really grasp the benefit of having some structure, as it relates to carving out the life you desire. Every detail is not important to know in advance and impossible to grasp anyway... but the constraints of vision and purpose can become the steady banks guiding you to a broader expansion and connection.

I personally love to open to the perfect flow in life, whether it is slow as molasses or fast as a raging river. All of the dimensions of such an experience offer there own unique blessings and perspectives. Expansion and contraction are both natural in the flow of intuitive living, and the embracing of what is can cure suffering in a hurry. My goal is to have an inner drive of purpose and vision, perhaps manifesting only as a feeling, but enough to guide me into the arms of the divine union of the small incarnate ME with the infinite wisdom and connection of the universe and all that is. It is like accepting all the power and magnificence that you are while being immensely humbled by the perfection of your place in the whole.
(Painting by Ted Hayward... see link on right!)

Love and blessings,
Chief ME

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