Monday, February 1, 2010

Seas of Opportunity

Opportunity is today's magic word. We are all here together in this amazingly complex time and space, deciphering the point at which to focus our precious and sacred energies. Also there are moments where we have no clue and drift like children through experience as if on our grandfather's sailboat, nurtured and safe, waiting for our turn at the rudder. There is no advantage however in steering the boat until we are able to see where we are going. Yes we will practice how to turn and what to adjust when the strong winds come, but within the bounds with which we can understand and handle.

Collectively I see us emerging into a new level of responsibility. Our grandfather is aging and cannot see like he used to. The channel is so much deeper and wider than when he started his journey, and there are new options for the sailor. It is the moment of opportunity, to take the responsibility of where you are and where you are going.

So how does one decide? You may ask. I know that I am always asking, and in that lies a clue I believe. Every moment is your perfect mirror, an opportunity to receive and feel the reflection of the reality which you have been creating. Ooops, in case you have trouble with that idea I will say this: fundamentally there is no out there... everything we perceive is occurring within us as our perception of the reflection of light, sound and other energies interacts with our consciousness or individual reference point. We are not separate from the sea of potential being perceived. Everything is a part of this connected field of energy, and this includes you, your personal reference point of experience in time space. There is no other, only infinite view points of the whole from every perspective imaginable.

Whoa sounds kinda complicated and then what? I would say there is simple solution to a complex problem. The only reliable gauge of direction for an individual is within you. It is a new way of navigating life, not based on the collective assumptions of what is important, safe and meaningful, but on your own unique individual guidance, your pulse of excitement. Now don't get me wrong, this is not just a selfish,narcissistic excitement, or wanting, which we probably know very well. I'm talking about the quality of excitement that has some fear with it, the kind that you make excuses about why you can't or rationalize away. If you look at your life as a journey of happiness, creative expression, love, wonder and abundance, I doubt you will create it from a traditional, rational, societal course of action....(well unless that really turns you on). We are entering a new paradigm of what it means to be human. An age of authenticity and empowered action, from our deepest yearning which is the piece of the whole we came here to share, a piece that will be greatly missed if you decide to go back to sleep.

Much love and gratitude for sharing this journey with me!
Chief ME
(in charge of being myself)

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