Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Do Have

I must say I've been feeling slightly bloggy lately. And I mean that as a good thing. It is an experiment to explore the boundaries of my own transparency, authenticity and leadership. All very interesting edges to rub up against.

I was snapped back into my being today by the carefully placed, and beautiful words a very good friend shared. The kind of friend that is of the highest caliber, of which I am blessed to have many. He reminded me of the prevailing paradigm in the world after he reflected the paradigm I have been living and learning to navigate more permanently. He summed it up as follows: First comes being, then doing flows naturally out of being, and having emerges naturally from the genuine flow of inspired doing.

It was the breath of fresh air I had been needing to hear.

The opposite is of course the prevailing wind in our world: having, and the desire to have creates a need to do, in order to support the efforts of having and then being can come later after the pile of having is high enough.

I realized so clearly in that moment the difference in my body and emotional state when I am acting from those two paradigms. In the being first model I am relaxed, trusting, perceptive and joyous. In the have first model I am thinking heavily about how I can figure it out and create a mental picture that might satisfy the deeper part of me that needs freedom in being.

The freedom is the reason for my drive and passion. Without it as a foundation I flounder in the midst of someone else's dream. And simultaneously, so close, is this deeper, broader more fluid dimension, emerging effortlessly as the pond becomes still enough to see through.

I love the fact that intentional words and sounds can harmonize so deeply with another's heart and being. Thank you so much for giving yourself the permission to take in these words.
I love you,

Chief ME
(in charge of being myself)

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