Monday, January 14, 2013

Idle No More

I sit today with such a glowing deep resonant knowing of the truth I have been working to realize my entire life.  We have arrived at the turning point of human freedom and empowerment, the doors of the prison are wide open and we are standing around asking the prison guards if we can leave... and they continue to tell us we must stay where we are under their rule and misguided suppressive structures.  The truth is it is time to stand up and walk out together into the light of day, into the responsibility of taking care of each other.

Each of us has true gifts, experience, passion and wisdom to share.  We are each unique and have a mission in this great coming of age.  This is a time of unity and togetherness and the remembering of our ancestral ways of living.  Such harmony is re birthing us into the current reality, and aligning us with our evolutionary imperatives.  This is not a time to grovel at the sleeping dictator's feet to ask him for permission to be free or for scraps of a crumbling power structure.  This is Now time to walk away into ourselves and create anew the world in which we dare to dream.  It is only possible if we wake up to the fact of our power.  None of the imposed socioeconomic structures have any true bearing on our sovereignty, our divine rights and our freedom, unless we agree that they do.

Shall we continue to support the governments that destroy our mother earth and kill our brothers and sisters?  Fear of survival is no longer an acceptable reason to destroy each other and stand idle in the face of our love for each other and our truth.  Our shadows must be faced together and integrated with compassion, love and understanding.  As long as we look to the diseased system to fix our problems they will gladly accept our power and continue to abuse it for egoic gains.  Ask yourself what you really want to create in your life from your deepest heart and ask those around you the same.  I guarantee you that you will find those that feel as you do.  Connect with each other and gain strength in numbers and use the courage of knowing that we are already here in the new world, to guide you into your personal and our collective freedom.

We must now step into the unknown together.  We must trust in ourselves and all the years of preparation that have gotten us here.  We must embrace each other, and mother earth if we are to truly create harmony on this planet.  All that has been stopping us and blinding us for thousands of years is fear.  When we come together nothing can stop us.  United we stand, Idle No More!

Stay tuned for the Idle No More song I have been working on as well as all the transformative events the Shamanigans are offering this year.  Deep bows~
Check this out... If an 11yr old girl can see and feel it then so can you!

Much love and respect,


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  1. wow!! this girl is an awesome amazing powerful being......thank you for sharing her words and for always sharing your words and music......we wept.....

    love love love
    tammy and ode