Friday, January 15, 2010

The Launch

A mystery has crossed the line
And we no longer struggle to see
What was once a dream is now
A fabric of dimensions beyond the prelude.

The journey into authenticity is well under way and it is emerging as a new form of currency, the movement of flow, and energy without effort, a tapping into the river of right relation. In this new home we have the courage to answer the calling of ourselves, to begin the listening to the guidance of our wholeness.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve written you. I have taken a period of isolation to finish the 3rd album in my trilogy of solo creations, “Welcome to the Main Event”. I’ve just had the first few listens through the whole thing, and it is quite a journey. Upon completing it I realized that it was the culmination of this trilogy of albums I have done since 2006. It is long, deep, vulnerable, smooth and celebratory. The album ends with a song written spontaneously as I sang through the new year with some of my closest friends on Gabriola, and recorded on new years day. This was an experience I will always cherish very deeply… It was like we opened a portal into the Launch of 2010 and rode it right through the shift, celebrating on the other side. It was so beautiful.

This brought such completion to our last ten years here on Gabriola and a huge clarity of the energy which we are amidst creating for this coming year. It feels like the foundation is strong enough to hold the incredible amount of joy and wonder we are going to step into this year. I wish so deeply that you will join us on this mission, this launch into your authentic glory.

Imagine for an instant that everyone began choosing based on their, excitement, their hearts desire and deepest longing. Imagine that they valued the call of their inner voice above the pressures of fear and uncertainty. Imagine the absolute pandemonium of joy and wonder that would multiply beyond our wildest dreams, the magic of honesty, clarity and unique individual brilliance guiding us together in a new dimension of coexistence.

I’ve been imagining it so much it appears to be just that. A deep well of precious gifts for all that dare take the responsibility to accept them. A synchronistic sharing of humanity between family and friends, fathers and sons, mothers and their emerging daughter goddesses, and the amazing gratitude that flows from such miracles.
We are changing the game.

Missy and I continue to accelerate down the road of our chosen awesomeness into the next phase of our life adventure. We wish that yours be even more inspiring and may your many ripples create huge waves that crash onto the shores of our connected yearning.

Follow your excitement!
Chief ME (in charge of being myself)

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